Not that I’ve never been a fan of love..
I enjoy various aspects of it. I do.
And I very much so love the idea of being in love.
But it’s so treacherous to me.
And I wouldn’t say I’m scared of it either.
There are just so many aspects of it that I am against and have been tailored to disagree with and stray away from.

I don’t know.

The whole idea is slowly becoming more repelling than not.

Ten Things to Take with You by Alex Elle


1.Things are what they are sometimes.

2. Trust your love and what you have to offer.

3. We aren’t perfect but I do think that we find ourselves within our flaws.

4. Make sure you have balance within your love life, personal life and friendships.

5. Don’t lose sight of who’s been in your…

"Women who were brought up devout and fearful
Get stirred, like anyone else.
Want men. Want
other women. Stink under the arms at the end of
the day. Get
that all too familiar mix of fear and discontent
in the night. Want to do the things
that they ‘Must Not Do.’
Those dirty, bloody attractive things."

Texts I receive from friends due to my beard obsession:

"Dedicated to you
“Is he cute…or does he just have a beard?”
These are questions we need to start asking ourselves”

Very mind boggling question if you ask me.



Mos Def neeeds to produce more songs for curren$y

^^^ young how many times have I said that!!! Breakfast is one of the best curren$y songs

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"Stick to your dreams and don’t be scared to cry."

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"It’s too many women out here exposing their freakiness. PRESERVE YOUR FREAK, LADIES!"

"Seduce them with your intelligence, then kill them your smile."

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Randomly up, watching the Wood.
Solely for Omar Epps though.